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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I never thought I'd have one, but I have a stalker.
How this is possible, I have no frickin idea.

I replied to an email, and she wont leave me alone.
I like this girl though. She's giving me pretty damn good ideas for new torture chambers we can add to the list for renovations.

But she DID want me to go shoe shopping with her.
I will not go shoe shopping.
No matter how much I want those demon-red dress shoes. ooo, those are nice.
forget I said anything. That never happened.
Understand me?

She's a bit obsessive, and rude. Like me. And I quote "you just got yourself into a shitload of trouble by responding to me."

I dont know what she thinks she's doing.
But I can't help but like her.

This gal's got sass.
She even offered to help me keep up-ground if I ever get out.
Although that would involve shoe shopping.

I'll consider it.

I need some wine.
Sometimes the drunken stupor is worth the wine's poor quality down here.
I don't get why Lucifer wont bring any from up-ground down here for us to enjoy.
That snot rag.

Have a Terribly Horrible Day,

1 comment:

  1. You love me anyway. Get over yourself, Appy. :D And you do want some shoes so come shoe shopping with me!