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APOLLYON~ I'm the bitchy one. I like cookies, plotting against God, awesome parties. And don't forget the women... :D I'm stuck down in Hell because I misbehave if I get out. I'm the younger brother. LUCIFER-- I'm the logical one. I enjoy things that Apollyon doesn't. I also enjoy torturing helpless souls and spreading the Bad News. I'm the older brother, and the one that actually does all the work around here.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Angelic Visitors

This Wednesday, January 12th, the Palace of Gehenna will be hosting a few angelic visitors, who were originally on my side in the Revolution. Obviously, they changed their minds in the end, but I hold some hope that we can remind them of their original convictions, back in the good old days, and persuade them to join us here in Hell. The five Angels joining us are Ezekiel, the Angel of death; Hayyel, the Angel of wild animals; Liwet, the Angel of inventions; Samandiriel, the Angel of imagination; and Tabbris, the Angel of self determination.
I have high hopes for Tabbris, as he was one of the last to leave my side for that of the good, and we still hold correspondence sometimes. In fact, it was a letter he sent me recently asking me about affairs in my Kingdom that inspired me to invite these Angels to visit Apollyon and I.
Of course, I include Apollyon only as a side courtesy. He never has had much to do with the politics of our Kingdom of Sin, he was always just in it for the fun and excitement. Thusly, he always just tagged along at the secret Rebel Angel meetings, and I am quite sure he was incapable of forming any sort of close relationship with any of our fellow Angels.


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