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APOLLYON~ I'm the bitchy one. I like cookies, plotting against God, awesome parties. And don't forget the women... :D I'm stuck down in Hell because I misbehave if I get out. I'm the younger brother. LUCIFER-- I'm the logical one. I enjoy things that Apollyon doesn't. I also enjoy torturing helpless souls and spreading the Bad News. I'm the older brother, and the one that actually does all the work around here.

Friday, June 10, 2011


I bet you all were so sad that there were no new posts from the devil brothers, eh?
Well, too bad.
the devils' got his own schedule to deal with, let alone managing this blog.
Its a whole lot more effing difficult than I'd expected.

What to say, what to say.

Oh, right.
Well, Lucifer finally managed to patch the whole in the wall between our kitchen and the "Its a Small World" level.

So no more soundtracks for our meals.
I was sort of beginning to enjoy it.  Actually, I was enjoying the look on Lucifer's face every time he walked into the kitchen.  The complete loss of sanity in his eyes.
In case you cant tell, my brother and I don't really get along.
Oh, and dear mumzy is coming to visit next week.

Shoot me now.
Oh wait, that wont help.
I'm already in hell.

Maybe I should just through myself into the Hellfire© and call it good.

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