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Thursday, November 11, 2010

How To Grow Vines! or something similar... I think

Jesus said “I am the true vine, and my Father is the vine grower.”  If this is true, then I laugh at that vine and send one of my own to cut it down- the crucifixion you see.  Ah, revenge.  How lovely thou art!
How is it revenge you ask?  Well, you’ll remember all of those stories of how my minions and demons were driven out of their hosts: because of Jesus.  Everyone was perfectly content to just sit around and let my demons carry out my plans and their duties.  Well, the hosts didn’t really care, and they’re the ones that mattered.
And then that Jesus character just decided to show up and ruin our party.

On a different note:  those Pharisees.  Oh how I love to laugh at their idiocy.  HA.  There: I laughed at them.  And here it is again: HA.  Sorry, I am just so amused by their antics.  They say that they are “God Worshiping” men, and then they order the crucifixion of JC.  I have to admit that I am irritated that they stole my thunder.
Lucifer is reading over my shoulder now and has just commented that he was the one ordering the Pharisees about.
Thanks bro, and you have just made my eternity down here a little better.  Now I can go on ordering our pets about knowing that the Pharisees were unknowingly truly doing out bidding.

Oh the lovely, tasty irony of it all.
Now Luci has just told me that we’ve got some run away souls in level seven that need to be sorted out.  Time to get the flame thrower out again.

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