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APOLLYON~ I'm the bitchy one. I like cookies, plotting against God, awesome parties. And don't forget the women... :D I'm stuck down in Hell because I misbehave if I get out. I'm the younger brother. LUCIFER-- I'm the logical one. I enjoy things that Apollyon doesn't. I also enjoy torturing helpless souls and spreading the Bad News. I'm the older brother, and the one that actually does all the work around here.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Jesus... lol.

             So I sent a letter up to Jesus a while ago, and I sent another to some of the Pharisees down here in my neck of the woods, asking why they didn’t get along.  I’m still waiting for answers back, but I’ll post them as soon as I get them.
             On a completely different note: we got a new level of Hell! Awesome right?  As of right now, its called Ice Cream.  Yes, we have ice cream in hell, but listen to this:  its close to the Hellfire© and right next to a boiler: so it is always melted.  That's a hell, right?
             Any ideas for new levels in hell?  Send us your ideas by email or comment below! :D

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