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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Letter From Jesus! Yeah. (Sarcasm)

So, here is the letter that I got from JC yesterday.  I can't stand him, but I'm posting it here because I said I would.  Remember, I asked JC why he didn't get along with the Pharisees.
Here you are, my not-so-lovely citizens of hell.

Apollyon, this is a silly question.  It’s not so much that I don’t get along with the Pharisees; it’s more the fact that they don’t understand the truth of the Word and they don’t believe in my coming.  However, they did sacrifice me and hang me on the cross.
But I still love them as my Father does and so I forgive them.  I have forgiven them for crucifying me, because in doing so they assisted me to have my Resurrection.  And this, as you know, awoke many others to the belief in myself and my Father.
I also was disappointed that they scared others into following my teachings publicly because otherwise they would be expelled from their synagogue as is explained in The Good News according to John in verse 42.
This is all I wish to say, because if I was to be honest, I do not dislike anyone.  I don’t get along with them because they do not get along with me and question the Word to often and live out their lives in hypocrisy.  They were two-faced and false.
~JC- as you so aptly nicknamed me

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