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APOLLYON~ I'm the bitchy one. I like cookies, plotting against God, awesome parties. And don't forget the women... :D I'm stuck down in Hell because I misbehave if I get out. I'm the younger brother. LUCIFER-- I'm the logical one. I enjoy things that Apollyon doesn't. I also enjoy torturing helpless souls and spreading the Bad News. I'm the older brother, and the one that actually does all the work around here.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Bad Wine

      Dear citizens of Hell,
      I would like to remind you that today marks the debut of our new low-level eternal torture, Bad Wine. The ceremony is at 2:00, Hell Time. There will be a few bible-burning sessions, as well as a satirical performance of the “water to wine” miracle originally performed by Jesus. Acting in it will be Beelzebub, O.J. Simpson, and a few Nazis. For those of you who do not know the acts of Jesus, he went to this wedding party and turned all their water into wine, to show off his powers and steal more subjects from my wonderful Kingdom. I hope you will join us for the fun and games! Not that you have much of a choice.


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